Monday, August 22, 2011

The Long Goodbye.

So for those of you who know the story about the horrible federal bank regulators (HFBR) who back in January 2010 crushed the bank where my mom hunts might also know that the HFBR showed up that Friday in January with a buyer for the crushed bank. If you don't know that, there it is.

Fast forward to one week after my mom closed on the condo, March 2011. Poor bank buyer! Never having got the whole theory behind a running a community bank, he decided to sell it.

Well, he found a new buyer, in June. A real community bank. One that even the HFBR could approve of (because there is always that). Unfortunately but understandably, the new bank only wants the branches and its personnel, not any of the back office folks. The back office folks (about 30 of them) will be "transitioned." We are expecting that to happen mid-October. Which is now 53 days away.

Amazingly, since some of these people have been there forever and a day, many of them are looking forward to just ending this chapter once and for all. After all, they have all been stressed since the very beginning of this episode, which at this point would be about three years ago. So those who can–including my mom–are going to take a tip from us cats and


So that's that. Not the Next Big Thing, but the countdown of days thing. Maybe more on the other later!

Oh, and did you notice no pictures again? The batts in the camera died and my mom is just too feeble to replace them at the moment. Score!


  1. William, we send purrs and hugs to all of you. Try to help your mum chill and relax. If she can.

  2. Good wishes sent to all of you from us, Hedley and Simon!

  3. I hope this will be a good life transition for your Mom and that things hereafter go well for her, and thereby for all of you. Purrs and pawhugs.

  4. Best wishes to you in your work life. As always, when one chapter ends another great opportunity begins and the relaxing part sounds just great!

    Mom says fanks for thinking of us in my own little worry pit I just put efurryone through. I is in big trubble. I finks I will be just relaxing too for a looooong time!

  5. Oh, we hope everything goes as smoothly as possible for all of you.

  6. My **Human** is biting her claws for your Human. She has day-hunting troubles also that have not played out completely, so she kind of understands.

    Frankly, **I** am worried about YOU--you don't think she's going to make you kids get J-O-B-S, do you William??? I dunno--maybe Caroline could get work in a soap opera? Russell could go all WWF, and I'm sure we could think of appropriate placements for the rest of you--well, maybe not the P.Q.

    Sending you good vibes and purrs!

  7. That is a difficult thing to consider. I hope that your Mum does manage to relax. And I hope that things work well for her and that something wonderful walks right around the corner from her soon.

  8. Oh William!!!!!!
    We are sending BIG purrs to your Mom. We know you kitties will help her relax.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  9. YIKES!! We hope you can help your mom relax and that things remain ok with you all!

  10. We hate to hear stories like this one because they involve real humans. And many of them have one or more furries. And maybe other dependents. We wish your mom peace and an unexpected blessing from this.

  11. The countdown doesn't sound good, but chillaxing is good advice. Lots of purrs.

    Those are Hawaiian quilt patterns your mom saw. The pillow covers were part of a limited edition of a Hawaiian quilt products.

  12. Some people aren't programmed to relax very well, but I hope your Mom does OK with it. Stress will mess you up. We'll send some relaxing purrs her way, just to help.

  13. Hello William,
    We haven't sent you a message in forever! But we wanted to let you know we are all sending lots of furry head butts and purrs to your mom and all of you. May your mom's "next big thing" bring her a great sense of satisfaction.
    Lots of love,
    Shilgiah, Tommy, Hope and Aunt M

    P.S. Shilgiah has taken up imitating the Kibble Cat lately.

  14. William, tell your mom, that when it's all said and done, it will be OK. I know she's stressed, and things might be weird for a while, but she'll be OK, and you will be OK. But in the meantime, my human and I will be sending out purrs and good thoughts for you all.

  15. William, Kit and I are purring hard for your mom and all of you. Uncertainty is so hard to handle. Our paws are crossed that you all get a good outcome.


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