Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesdays With Russell, Now With Photo Action.

Because I know I have my fans.

My mom says thanks for all the well wishes. We're actually looking forward to this. (Now, if our old house hadn't sold, we might be meowing a different tune. In fact, that was her panic upon learning the news–O.M.G. Two. Mortgages.–but it did sell, and in an amazing eight days!) So even if William and I don't make a lot of money on our paper routes, we're going to be rolling in cat food for like a hundred years!

What's that, Mom? What do you mean, we're too little for paper routes?


  1. WOW!! Cat food for a hundred years?
    Way cool !!! And your Mom is not hitting the panic button yet, even better :)
    We must say though, the thought of you and William coming to our door to deliver the paper kinda gets us excited ;) heehee
    We don't think you're too little ;)

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  2. That is so great that your Mpm did not have to stress about two mortgages for long. We really do wish her the very best as new things happen. Good to be rid of that stressful job!

  3. Pretzel, That's quite the attractive, if pensive, portrait. I take it your Mom got some batteries? (Whew! Just in time for CAROLINE tomorrow!)

    It is a Really Good Thing that your old house got sold. Talk about just in time!

    We're still kind of interested over here in hearing about the Next Thing. Are you saving that up for William to tell?

  4. Yeah--I'm thinking you guys are more the male model types and I think it makes a lot more money...

  5. Maybe you can set up a lemonade stand. Or better yet, a nip stand! Fortunately for us kitties, catnip is both legal and unregulated by the Feds!

  6. Glad it is working out....panicked mom are just no fun!

  7. Russell, we're glad to see your handsome face, but even gladder to know that all is well with your family and you will be rolling in food! Because that's really important.

  8. A hundred years of cat food - that sounds good.

    Too bad about the paper routes. We don't know of many people having a subscription for shredded paper.

  9. if you deliver our paper routes, we'd invite you in for a morning bowl of milk.

    emma and buster

  10. I don't think you would like haffing a paper route. You haf to get up really early!

  11. Not good having mum's who panic. Thankfully ours doesn't panic easy either. We agree with Chey, male models make better money and you don't have to get up early.


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