Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Excitement Continues.

Oh, what a pleasant night we had last night. We all slept like logs, including my mom, who fell asleep on the couch and then overslept this morning!

So don't tell anyone, but my bro has been a scofflaw for about a month now–his license expired in July! Maybe the city's notification does not forward; my mom kind of forgot. And of course Russell said nothing, since it would mean he'd have to be shot! Well, today he did finally, so he should be back on the straight and narrow within a few weeks. That is, if the licensing place–outsourced to a place in Texas!–can put two and two together and figure out that we used to live somewhere else but now live here.

And probably the most thrilling part of today? Mom was notified about suspicious activity on her bank card! Somehow someone in Dubai started buying things left and right! Not to worry, though–this is a card from her Good Bank, not her Bad Bank (who'd probably just pay all the stuff and not tell her), and security is all over it. Nevertheless, I'm just putting that thief on notice: DON'T BE BUYING EVAPORATIVE COOLERS WITH MY MOM'S MONEY, if that's what you're buying over there.

Boy, I hope we have a calmer weekend. My mom really needs to concentrate on The Next Big Thing...there are only 57 days left! Wondering what it is? Well, maybe I'll tell you next week!

Have fun, everyone!


  1. We are lucky living here, we don't need a license to live! Just the woofies.

    Good that the bank caught the nasty people trying to buy bad stuff with her plastic money.


  2. We're glad her bank caught that--of course it is an usual place to be purchasing when you don't live there...

  3. William, You know, in a week where I didn't get to rag on Pretzel or, worse, get to see my Beautiful Caroline at all, it really isn't fair to taunt me with hints of Big Nooz like this.

    Just sayin'.

    Still, I hope you all have a KOOL weekend! I hear Dubai is a heckuva shopping paradise!

  4. Good for keeping up with your shots, Russell, just in case you ever escape.

    Mom once had a hassle with an overseas order for some flowers for a relative, because the Credit Card company's fraud division wanted her to call them before they would approve it, but she can see it is really better for them to be careful if anybody is shopping with her card in another country! Tell your Mom if she ever wants to travel over to Dubai to notify the CC company ahead of time!

  5. Glad Russell is on his way back to the straight and narrow. MOL

    Glad the bank caught the charges. Mom says the banks seem to be getting more careful - they called our grandparents once when grandpa used their card here and then grandma used it in Florida. :)

  6. Oh, that is awful. Bad hoomins! Stealing from your Mom. She needs that money for YOUR treats and noms and toys.

  7. We are glad we don't haf to haf a license! Mom would furever be in a mess, she's not real good with remembering things. (cod luf her) Here's to a stress-free weekend! xoxo

  8. In 57 days: your birthday, Halloween, or both.

    Dubai activity: glad that got caught.

    Have a good weekend.

  9. You guys are having WAY too much excitement! I hope you have some good exciting things in store!

  10. Goodness - that IS a lot of excitement - and certainly way more than any one family should have to cope with AND deal with the hots!

    We are waiting to hear what the big news is!

  11. Wow, things sure have been unhappily exciting around yer house lately, huh? We hope evrything calms down!

  12. It's good that you all slept better now that the cooler is fixed. We are moving in about a week and Mom said that we are getting air conditioning when we move. We can't wait.

    Cody and Gracie

  13. YAY for a good nights sleep!!!!!
    We do not license kitties ,only wooffies here :)
    We always thought they had enough money in Dubai. Guess we now know where they get it!!!!! Sheesh! Thank heavens for the "good" bank ;)
    We are glad "fivecats" calculated 57 days. We are too warm (amazing for NS) to do it ourselves. Still, we want to see what you have to say!!!
    Until then, have a cool,quiet,fun weekend :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  14. Can't wait to hear your news! I'm glad to hear Russell will be legal. I'm also glad you all got a good night's sleep! You've had way too much bad excitement lately!

  15. Tsk, leaving us hanging like that...

  16. We're glad Pretzel is all good with the sheriff again and won't be herded out of town any time soon.
    We must scold you too about The Next Big Thing. Holy Moly, how can you taunt us like that!!!??!!

  17. I'm all fainty since you told me Caroline likes my picture today.


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