Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Meezer Rain Wednesday.

Last evening we got over an inch of rain. And this evening it stormed a bunch again! And my rule is if you can't hear me talk over all that racket, I have to find a safe place to wait it out, like my mom's closet, and even if there is a no cats in the closet rule of hers, it doesn't count. So there.

I don't like this.

The loud noises make me all dizzy!

Is it over yet?

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  1. ooh, i don't like storms either. we got lotsa rumbly thunder today but no rain and we need it so bad. all the lawns are brown. our flowers are alive but only 'cause the Dad is putting the water sprinkler on them. the house by us with the plastic flowers has a bright green lawn. i wonder if it's plastic too????

  2. I hate the big showerstorm, too.
    Hope your storm would leave soon.

  3. Good that you gots rain, bad that the storms scared you.

  4. I hate storms too.
    Mine mummy thinks it's siwwy why I should be scared of the huge noises in the sky.
    I think she's siwwy not to be scared of the sky twying to fall down!

  5. I hope it's over. I don't like storms either.

  6. Oh Caroline,
    Loud thunder storms are scarey. Good thing you found a safe place to hide during storms. I'll bet your mom my recind the "no cats in the closet" rule during thunder storms.

  7. I am glad that you had a safe place to hide Caroline. We usually go under mom's bed.

    Yore friends
    Lucy and Trixie

  8. I'm sorry that big storm scared you Caroline but I'm sure your Mom doesn't mind your using her closet as a safe place in a situation like that.

  9. Oooo ... a good rule, Caroline. Meezer rules supersede all other rules.

  10. Its good to take cover when water falls from the sky real hard!

    But we sure would like some of that ourselfs. We are gettin tired of the grass cruchin unner our paws an alertin the foods to our presence! An it is even gettin a bit sharp unner our paws jus walkin...

    Skeeter and LC

  11. We've been getting all those rains, too - I'm glad you found a safe place to wait it out!


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