Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Return Of 堡 And 甄.

Look who came back! As it turns out, 堡 and 甄 had been hunting with my mom but I don't think they had very much fun. So now they're back and they get to stay in the craft room which used to be my room but then was appropriated by Kangaroo Girl when she first came here and then Caroline when she first came here and then taken over by my mom and her stuff. I don't think I'm ever going to get that room back.

almost gets animated in relating their unfortunate hunting experience.

(Hi, Marie's mom!)


  1. I can see that he is getting somewhat excited in talking about your mom's hunting place.

  2. That is fun that you saw them so detaily, you must trying to figure out something~!

  3. Be very very careful. Fellow on the right there, looks a lot like this guy.

  4. It looks like they did not get much to each - they must not be good hunters because they is all bones!

    Don't feel too bad about yore room William. My sisters hog everything too.

    Yore pal

  5. I think you need to put your paw down William or you won't get that room back. You are far too nice.

  6. Princess Mia, how unbelievably terrifying! I am definitely going to have to keep my eye on those two!!

  7. I think that they are too little to cause you much trouble, William. I'm glad they are back and can tell you of their adventures. I think that you probably won't get that room back, sadly.

  8. That doesn't seem fair that you lost your room William. You do have that beautiful countertop though and your friends to have chats with.

  9. This is strange cuz we can't read part of your post. It says The Return Of .... And ... Where ... is, we we squares! I think our computer has a gremlin!


  10. Maybe you can share the woom?
    How come the hunters are all bones?
    Don't they get enough to eat?

  11. Hehe! We were all happy to see them back. I think mommy was da happiest...

    ~Donny and Marie

    PS. Sorry we missed this post until now. Mommy was on vacation until last week sometime!


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