Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Trees.

I had to wait and wait tonight because we got a whole lot of rain and a whole lot of lightning and I just didn't want my fur all standing on end and my bones showing like Itchy and Scratchy. So I spent most of the evening watching from the windows. Our yard looked like a lake and our patio a pool, and across the way the road was flowing like a river. And I didn't mind the disruption so much because it couldn't have been more exciting if I'd seen fish! Plus, I know my trees are so grateful for this. And I like the fact that all my snail pals come out to play in the rain, and that's always fun too.

Anyway, go visit Eponine's Cowboy. I think this is the start of something biggish!


  1. oh William, we has been dancing around very 'acited like since we visited Cowboy this morning. we hopes hopes hopes he gotted picked by a kitty that Eponine sent.

    wow, that's a lot of water!!!

  2. We could wish for some rain around here, but not tonight. Thank you for your kind words, William

  3. Oah dear, that must very terrified. I hope the rain will leave soon~!

  4. We've had this problem recently but apart from getting wet it's fun to watch. Fortunately we didn't get any flooding that lasted longer than 1/2 an hour and it didn't come into the house like it did with a lot of people. FAZ

  5. We are scairt of lightning and boomers but mom says we need rain really badly. All our hostas sent up flower spikes but none of them bloomed because of no rain. So if you could send some to us it would make mom happy.

  6. Momma believes that Chester (Diane's cat that went to Rainbow Bridge) sent Hunter to her. It was on a 28 mile winding mountain road. What was the chance our furless brother would stop at that spot to talk to the furless one driving behind him, when they had been driving for many miles? Yes, Chester sent Hunter to Diane, just like the new kitty was sent to Cowboy........yes.......it is a sure thing.......



Wowee meowee.