Sunday, October 01, 2006

Welcome October.

So the weekend was pretty quiet–just the way I like them! I kept Mom company while she did some crafty things (and I was very good), I napped, I lounged in the window watching stuff. A few more leaves are falling. Our crepe myrtle is red and my butterfly bush is turning yellow, but our trees in the front are pretty green still. I heard the first crow of the season but he didn't come to visit or anything, he was just flying by. I chatted with the usual collection of sparrow, finch and dove friends. I didn't see the mouse yesterday or today but I did see something way in the back of our yard under the cypress trees that I wanted Mom to check for me. Guess what it was?

A change of season baby has been hatched! Posted by Picasa


  1. what the heck is that? we haf lots of purrty colored leaves falling frpm our trees.

  2. Cool! A baby birdie is somewhere in your yard! (We wouldn't let Nala out, there. She goes a little nuts about birds, and I'm afraid she might think "snack" instead of "baby.")
    ~ turtle and moose

  3. That is lovely Willy, thanks to you and your Meowmie for sharing!!!

    I bet you helped a LOT with the crafting.

    Headbonks and kisses, The Mitz

  4. fev-vers, big fev-vers...yur place sounds like heaven!

  5. Hi Tiny Boy......Momma says she will help me with a couple comments before her eye gets all leaky and hurty. Mommma says she missed the nicest days of fall, looking at the floor all the time. I want to lick her eye, but she won't let me.


  6. DKM spent the weekend with hook in hand until I demanded nap time. It was a good fall weekend here as well. DKM even put on a firelog Sunday for me and the fluffies to nap in front of - good times.

  7. We didn't know birdies had babies any time but in the spring. Maybe that's 'cause we live where it gets cold.

  8. We had 3 meeces inside last fall when the weather changed...we hope for more this fall. (Shhh, don't tell ma) But we do get the glory when we catch 'em!

  9. You get baby birdies in Icktober? that's funny. Our birdies are flying away. Last night I hearded them in the middle of the night flying away. How do they see at night? Do they have flashlights? That would be purrdy.

    mama said the trees at the farm were almost bare. Here in the city we still have leaves on our trees and they are all colors too. We gotted to play outside for a few seconds and played wiff bubbles. They taste like nip.



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