Sunday, October 22, 2006

Trouble In Birdland.

So today I was visiting with my bird friends when I saw a little girl finch having a lot of trouble moving from place to place. She could barely hop around. In fact, she was using her wings to steady herself while she moved along.

Well, some meanie finches were teasing her and chasing her, and many times she just made it to a little hiding place. When the meanie finches went back to fighting over space on the thistle feeder, she'd come out again and peck around for some fallen seed.

I called to Mom because I thought the little girl finch was sick. Mom and I watched her for a while and Mom said, "Look, William, she only has one leg. Poor little thing."

Well, it was true! That's why she was using her wings to try to keep from falling over every time she hopped. Mom went outside very carefully so the little girl finch wouldn't get too scared and she put some seed on the ground for her to eat.

Some time later I caught a glimpse of that intruder cat in the yard and let Mom know. She checked the back yard and the front. And when she went out front to make sure that cat hadn't taken the poor little girl finch with the one leg, she left the door open.

Well, you can guess what happened next.

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  1. oh William!! you're not supposed to do that! i hope you didn't get in any trouble. i go out, but only when my Mom can watch me, and i have my collar with tags on.....

  2. Oh no William! Did you go on walkabout? We are too afraid. Well at least Ruby and I are. Rosemary likes to wander.

  3. oh William!! you're not supposed to do that! i hope you didn't get in any trouble. i go out, but only when my Mom can watch me, and i have my collar with tags on.....

  4. HAHAHAHAhahahaha... William, you are the definition of the word "incorrigible." Especially when it comes to weatherstripping!!
    ~ turtle

  5. good job william - on bof alerting your mommy to the little girl finch AND getting to the weather stripping.

  6. What did you do out there William?!

    Was the little girl finch okay?

  7. Oh gosh, William, do you like eatin weafur strippin? That's kinda weird yanno.

  8. I'm like that with make-up and paintbrushes. My OTW has always had to warn roommates to put them where I can't get to them, or see them.

    My OTW is kinda mean that way. I get them anyway.

    But good job on looking out for your bird friends and alerting your mom to the intruder kitty.

  9. This weatherstripping munching is starting to sound like an addiction. Didn't your mom work hard last year to put new in? But Wm if you gotta do it, then do it.

  10. Oh no!! Poor fing. I hope her am ok! BTW, that looks like FUN!

  11. He, he. You are very true to your name.
    Good job on telling Mom about the poor injured birdie.

  12. Oh gosh, Wm. If you're going to bite the weather stripping, at least try to do it when there's not a camera nearby. We hope your little birdie friend will be OK!

  13. Okay. I'm trying, really TRYING, to unnerstand this mean the FEV-VERS is your FRIENDS? Like, you talk to them all nice and stuff, without dreaming about how wonnerful it would be to have a mouth fulla fev-ver dinner?

  14. Did you escape? Did you go out and play with your birdies? No you just attached the weatherstipping.

  15. I think you need a 12 step program for weatherstrip addicts.

  16. My Momma had her nose all pressed up against the monitor completely intrigued with the little hop-along finch and then there you are bein' bad! LOL!!

    My Momma didn't put any seed out for the birdies at my house today for fear of that mean old Archeopteryx or Peteinosaurus or Tropeognathus would come back and eat them!


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