Monday, October 23, 2006

Midnight Monday.

So here I was watching my buds all peaceful-like this evening when we were interrupted by Kangaroo Girl and all my bird friends went flying. Mom had the window open for a little bit because she'd been "cooking."

Olivia tries to steal the spotlight again. Posted by Picasa


  1. Great Midnight Monday! And what a great look out you have there. I see what you have to put up with though.

  2. Shame on Olivia for scaring your bird friends away. You look cute sitting in the window, though.

  3. Great pikshure William! It isn't nice of Olivia to try to share midnight monday again. You shared last time. Purrhaps she can have Kangaroo Caturday! It is nice you haf a window to see the birdies, I wuv sitting in mine and watching them. Mommy says you are a puurrrfect panther kitty.

  4. What a great Midnight Monday! I can see that you aren't happy with Olivia!

  5. I swear, can't sisters just be a pain in the you know what sometimes?!?!?!

  6. Was she cooking for you? If not, why was she bothering?

  7. You look extra handsome in this photo Wills, no one stole the show, thats for sure!!!!

    Headbonks, The Mitz

    PS Why haven't you been visiting me Willy???

  8. Can't you just install a tracking device in Olivia to keep an eye on her location at all times, Squilliam?

    I mean, aren't you in charge over there? ;)

  9. Since the LIttle Pest came here, life just isn't the same, and now I am on a diet, because Mittens has special food and the Pest is such a piglet, she will eat anything and Momma says she has a very bad gas problem! So, is it fair that my food is monitored, too? I think not. They haven't heard the end of me......I have plans for tonight.



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