Monday, September 11, 2006


So for some reason or other all day today the great big gigantic white winged doves were trying to get seed out of the feeders. These birds are almost as big as the feeders themselves, although their brains must be thistle seed-size. And Mom had even put some sunflower seeds and peanuts pieces on the ground for them!

The doves are so silly to watch on our sparrow- and finch-size feeders. They try and try to get to the seed but of course they can't because they're too big, so all they manage to do is stick their great big gigantic feet on the edges and then flap flap flap their wings to try to get balance. Needless to say they can't do that and eat seed at the same time, too. Usually they'll give up after awhile unless I tell them to stop it first.

Not this one guy. He must have weighed about a squillion pounds! I ducked when I saw him coming, he was so big. He came flying in and landed on top of one of the little feeders. And then...

Giant dove 1 - Little feeder 0. Posted by Picasa


  1. I hope the big fat bird was okay after breaking your feeder. It musta been fun to watch though. Did he look tasty?

  2. If yoo want I'll come ofurr an catch the live fev-vers furr yoo, but I won't tell my mum acos she doesn't like me catching them.

  3. Hi William
    I am the new cat on the blog(k) so I thought I would introduce myself to you.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your archives (not finished yet) and it has given me some wonderful ideas ... you are very imaginative and I think you are my hero with all the things you get up to.

    I think it is just soooo kewl that there are so many blogs out there just about us cats!

    Take care ... Chaos

  4. Wow, that bird is one tough cookie! I can't imagine how fast he must have been flapping his wings. You're lucky you ducked in the knick of time - it could have been you in pieces!

    I don't think I'm ever messing with doves ever!

  5. It's probably a good thing they can't get to the seed. Sounds like they might need to go on a diet!

  6. That thing sounds nasty! Watch out it doesn't try to carry you away in revenge for the feeder incident.

  7. Mum gets pigeons that want to sit on things. But so far they haven't broken any of the feeders.

  8. I'm glad you weren't in the *way, William! Did you ever see that Hitchcock movie The Birds?

  9. One winter, a squirrel stole a whole thistle sack full of seed. I guess s/he thought it would keep magically refilling in their nest, so why keep running out to the tree?


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