Monday, September 11, 2006

My mom's September 11 story.

Another effect of the attacks on the WTC five years ago were the pets left behind when their guardians were lost. When my mom was a volunteer webmaster for a Brooklyn-based animal rescue group, inevitably some of those pets–those found in time–needed new homes. Two such cats came to the group's attention a few weeks after 9/11. They had been left behind by an older single woman who lost her life on that day.

The woman's brother eventually found her two cats, but, being older than she, was not up to the task of keeping them. Fortunately, he brought them to an organization who was able to not only keep the two together but find them a home.

Of course, that was an extraordinary time. But it made my mom think about us, and what would happen should we find ourselves suddenly alone. Mom asked a friend and together they agreed as to the care of our little family in the event of tragedy. Where before it was simply a verbal agreement, the arrangement has become part of my mom's will.

Because you never know.

(Thank you, Suzanne.)


  1. You mentioned remembering when Kennedy got shot in our blog. I was 19, I think, newly married, ironing shirts when the news (in black and white) came on the tv.

    Calicomom Toni

    Momma worries about us too, if something should happen to her and Daddy....she has some weird notion, nobody would love us like she does.


  2. I also made arrangements, in the event our kitties (now just the Mitz) was left without me and Joe. A true cat lover agreed to help, if disaster struck close to home.

    thanks for a touching post.

    Huggs, Geraldine

    PS the Mitz sends kisses to William

  3. Oh William, your mom is very smart and she loves you guys so much to do that. I am going to tell my mom to call my foster beans and do the same with them.

    If someone doesn't have any beans to take care of thier pets, I think Best Friends Animal Sanctuary would care for them too.

  4. A very thought provoking story. Thank you.

  5. Our Lady's human furrend has a wall pocket mounted near her front door where she keeps a packet with info and instructions regarding her animals. In an emergency, the rescuer would know who to contact and how many animals there are in the apartment. She's very smart.

  6. That is such an excellent idea. I know that when my parents pass on, I will take their 2 cats - right now 1 is 5 and the other is 2, and my parents are in their 70s. But i never really considered who would take my boys should something happen to the hubby and I.

  7. i know my Mom has it in her will that the humane society would get a bunch o' money but only if they found forever homes for us. if wish we had good friends or family who were cat people who could take us but we don't. makes me kinda sad.

  8. yes, it is so sad that so many beloved pets suffered too. and they were even more confused than we were. my grandbeans will be taking me, and if they can not (they are only 60) my uncle Kevin - it is in the will.

    my mommy's workplace raised money to supply the woofies who searched for the victims booties for their paws. purrrrrrrs

    what a terrible day that was, but it certianly brought out the best in the majority of beans.


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