Tuesday, September 12, 2006


So awhile back my mom came home with these shoes that are supposed to be 'garden clogs,' or some such nonsense. She wears them in the house, though, because she says they're comfortable.

Well, they're a bright orangey-yellow and they make her feet look like great big duck feet!

Maybe it's good that she doesn't wear them outside where everybody on earth could see. I'd have to start wearing a bag on my head or something!

Stupid, but chewy.
(OK, secretly, I love them!)
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  1. my Mom says that nothing is more important than comfortable shoes, that the wrong ones can ruin your whole day. so be glad your Mom has comfy ones, or she could be grouchy.

  2. our mom got some bright orange clogs from lands end about 8 years ago. She still wears them even though the leather has faded to a light pastel orange now. They are the shoes she slips on to go in & out of the house for mail or other stuff. They won't wear out so we are stuck looking at those ugly things prolly for another 8 years.

  3. Yup Hummy has a red pair very similar ... I hid them away from her and now she cannot find them .... *mwahhhahahhahah*

    Now all I have to do is get rid of her icky wooden ones, they make a terrible noise on the wooden floor when I am trying to sleep!

  4. oh my goodness, duck feet? we would be 'barassed too if our mommy hadded those and wented outside.

  5. The woman made such a fashion faux pax at her last house. Hers were green though... fortunately they've been missing since the move...

  6. My Meowmie wants a pair of those in LIME green, can you picture it!!! Keep chewing Willy....

    You look so wonderful and sleek!!!
    Headbonks and slurpy kisses,

    The Mitz

  7. My mum has some gardening clogs too. Hers are bright red and called Crocs. Uncle Sim brought them for her from Montana last time he visited.

  8. Keep chewing, William. Pretty soon you Mom would be embarrassed to wear them outside, too.

  9. Are they from the land of the Dutch? They kind of look like tulips might grow out of them. HOwever, our Momma loves them, the above is from a cat's perspective.


  10. DKM got some of those as well - we love them because they make her feet fart while she walks...

  11. My mom has a pair almost exactly like those!!! Duck feet..that's funny!

    -jasper mckittencat


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