Sunday, July 16, 2006


I got mail the other day. Well, really it was addressed to both me and Mom, from the cat fix-it place. At first I thought it was a check for me (for cat toys or something!) but you know what it said?
"...when it comes to William's weight management..."
And not only that, but
"If you've noticed William carrying a few extra pounds..."

That hurt my feelings. I thought they liked me. Why would they suggest I have a weight problem when I don't?

Mom assured me that they do like me, a whole bunch. She explained that probably a squillion cats got these letters and I shouldn't worry at all. And that the check wasn't really for cat toys but more like a coupon for special prescription food, just in case I needed it. Which I didn't, she said. And that I was perfect just the way I was.

Well, that was a relief. Because then I could enjoy something else we all got, a surprise gift from Aunt M! It's a Wee Little Garden Gnome. He's kinda shy so I don't have a picture of him right now, but already he's brought me two days of good luck! Yesterday Mom found a penny in the yard and gave it to me for my yard savings, and then today, she found two more!

I have 97 cents now!


  1. I hate the post card that comes from T.E.D. That is never good news!

    Wow, you have 97 cents! That is enough to buy two cans of stinky goodness or maybe even a small bag of nip.

    Patches Lady

  2. 97 cents is a lot of money! Do you have a bank account?

  3. 97 cents? WOW. you can buy lots of stinky goodness wif that!

  4. How embarassing, Wm! Now the entire US Postal Dept. thinks you have a weight problem, even though you don't. You know how quickly rumors can spread.

    But, on a better note, with $.97, you're almost a squillionaire. You can get lots of cool stuff with that.

  5. Oh wow! .97 cents that's a whole lot of money. I am furry excited for you

  6. That's absolutely ignorant that these people would send you a letter like that. If homo sapiens received a letter like that, they'd have a l-a-w-s-u-i-t or something like that for harassment!

    With that 97 cents maybe you can hire a lawyer who can sue these people on your behalf for degrading you in such a manner!

  7. Poor Wm, such disappointment mail. But 97 cents is almost a squillion! I gotta get back out in the yard an look fur money... what's it smell like?

  8. Harumpff on the weight management! Bury the letter in your litter box.

  9. Yes, we agree - that letter belongs in the litter box. How dare they suggest such a crazy thing!

    Congrats to you, almost squillionaire!! What are you going to do with it all??

  10. Junk mail, everyone gets it including us kitties. Sheesh. Next thing they will send you is a credit card application. Don't worry, they will hear about that $ .97 and want you to spend it with them.

  11. Don't humans realize that we have fragile egos and by them calling us "fat" without even knowing us is just plain mean.

  12. Don't let the govment know about that .97 cents. They'll want about half of it.


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