Monday, July 17, 2006

Only My Sister.

So Saturday Mom noticed Olivia paying very close attention to the silk plant we had in our little chicken bowl. This was the centerpiece of our dining area now that we eat on the counter because Eddie can't quite get up there and he can't inadvertently eat crunchies and then go off like a fountain on the carpet somewhere a bunch of times. [Phew.] Anyway, I really liked it because it was pretty and it lent a kind of ambiance to our eating experience.

Well. Next thing you know, Olivia actually bit off one of the little miniature leaves. Bit it right off and started chewing on it! Mom rushed over to her and opened her mouth but just missed grabbing it. Olivia swallowed it. She ate the little silk leaf! Like it was real food or something!

"Olivia, why did you do that?" Mom wanted to know, taking the plant out of the bowl to put in some place we can't find. "Why would you eat such a thing? What were you thinking?"

And Olivia said, "I had to feed my kangaroo."

Then. Posted by Picasa

Now. Posted by Picasa

(Everything turned out OK, if you know what I mean. Except for just having the empty bowl there now. I don't know why Olivia has to wreck stuff for all of us.)


  1. I think the bowl should now be filled with treats. Or kitty crack. Treats AND kitty crack!!!

  2. Momma used to have a squillion plants but had to toss them all cuz Mittens eats them. She also eats the fiber from the carpet on our scratching post and Momma yells at her. Well, what do you expect from someone that eats flies and spiders.

    Patches Lady

  3. Oh my gosh that silly girl! Tell her to try packing tape. It's yummy. But, don't tell mine Momma that. It's a'tween us m'kay?

  4. we agree wif Max - treats and kitty crack. Trixie eats silk plants too. must be a girl fing.

  5. Uh-oh. Now what are you gonna do with the bowl? It's a chicken bowl, right? It needs to be filled with chicken. Real live dead chicken. Or real live living grass. Grass is the best.

  6. Kukka loves sitting among the silk plants on the top of our kitchen cupboards.

    To our knowledge, she has never eaten any leaves, but I'm going to watch her closely and document what I find.

  7. Oh my, I never tried eating a silk plant before but the real ones can be sort of tasty.

  8. Was Olivia dropped on her head when she was little? That might 'splain some of the wierd behavior.

  9. Poor William. Try to have a little "atmosphere" when you eat your meals and that dang Olivia ruins it for you. Can you ask for your own dining area?

  10. I can't quite tell how big that bowl is, but without the plant you could curl up in it instead. It would make a nice post-meal resting place.

    My sister Maggie attacks our plants, but they still seem to try to grow. We have a ponytail palm the does sit on top of the fridge because she won't leave it alone.

  11. I'm wif Jasper on this one... the bowl needs a cat in it. Like Angie in the bread basket last week.


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