Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ever The Party Boy.

Happy birthday to my bro Eddie. He's 16 now, more than five times older than me! He got a nip toy from his sweetie pea Shilgiah, treats from Aunt M, the crinkly paper and birthday bag those came in, and a Mammals CD from Mom. Oh no, I guess the CD was for Mom. (Although I don't know why. We're mammals, too.) She got Eddie lobster.

AND, we had a celebration dinner of real tuna! Well, not that we have fake tuna normally, but this was Mom's tuna. I was so excited, I didn't even mind that Eddie got most of the tuna juice in his serving. And I sure didn't mind that he didn't share the lobster.

Eddie gettin' jiggy with his birthday lobster. Posted by Picasa

Happy birthday, Bro. I'm glad you didn't throw up today!


  1. Happy Purrthday to you
    Happy Purrthday to you
    Happy Purrthday dear Eddie
    Happy Purrthday to you!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Eddie!!

    -Jasper and the McKitten-Cats

  3. Happy Birthday, Eddie! I'm glad to know that William is learning from a wise and (while not taking anything from my dear William) strikingly handsome tomcat!

    With your mentoring, he may stop his obsession with weather-stripping!

  4. happy purrthday Eddie!! yumm, tuna and real tuna juice, that's a good purrthday dinner! hope your day was great and that you live a squillion more years (haha, i love William's word too!)

  5. Happy Birthday Eddie!!! Wish you many, many more. And, welcome to sweet 16.

  6. Happy Birthday Eddie!!! We wish you many, many more. You're just as old like our brother, Dino. Wow, 16!

  7. Happy Purrthday, Eddie! Sounds like you had a very nice special day! Hope it was fun!

  8. Many happy returns, Eddie! You're a great example to your sibs!

  9. Many congratulations Eddie, you don't look a day over 8 to me. Petey

    Yeah Happy Burfday Eddie.

    Happy Birthday from Punkin and Luna and Sooner too.

  10. Happy Purrthday Eddie! Stolat Stolat! (or somefin likes that in Polish).
    Beau Beau & Angie

  11. Happy Birthday to Eddie! I bow before your age and wisdom!

    Buddah says happy birthday too and he hopes the tuna was really really good and would you please ask the Mom to get some for him too?

    (I'll ask her...but he thinks you have more influence...)

  12. Happy Purrthday from the whole gang (babies too) ~Poiland Tribe and 'beans


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