Thursday, March 23, 2006


Well, Caroline and I got so excited when this friendly cat came to visit. Would you believe it? She got right up on the brick ledge, right at our bird watching window! We got a really good look at each other.

While Mom went outside to talk to the little cat, I thought I was going to swoon. She was so pretty! I talked at her too while my mom held her hand out and the pretty cat got almost close enough for a pet.

Then Mom came back inside. She said, "Sorry, William. That cat is a little boy. With quite a set of hoo-has on him, too."

What in the world is a hoo-ha?

He was probably really eyeballing my sis, then.
Sorry, pal, you're way out of luck.
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  1. William.......I think hoo-hass is eyes. you know, a set of eyes.....could be ears too.....but, no, I think it is eyes........

  2. We think it means you'd better protect your sisters!

  3. Dude, you don't wanna know. I made the mistake of asking Turtle. I wish I hadn't asked.
    ~ moose

  4. it's parts William. "boy" parts that you don't have anymore. probly he's either homeless or his people don't take very good care of him 'cause he still has those parts. wonder if you Mom will 'dopt him??

  5. Hoo-hass are parts you don't have anymore. The Mother took Tucker to the V-E-T to get his wacked off. Thank the Feline Gods!

  6. My mum's friend has just adopted another kitty who walked into their house and stayed. It kept getting fatter and she was worried it might be pregnant...then when she examined it she found out it was very much a BOY cat - it is going to the v-e-t to have some parts removed very soon!

  7. We agree with the Crew...that guys' bad news for your sisters!!

    ~Meeko and Kiara

    P.S. We got our own bloggie now!! May we add a link to yours on ours?

  8. Ah-hem! I'm assuming that when you said, "She was so pretty," you were referring to your mother and not another woman! know I can not offer you monogamy, but that doesn't mean I don't hope for it in return!

    "Hoo-has," huh? I've never seen a tomcat--in his full spendor--before. All of my toms have been "edited," as my mom so gently puts it.

    So Caroline now has an admirer? You go, girl!

  9. Lock up the girls, mr tomcat is looking for LOVE.

    Mum says I have empty hoo-hass. Little empty furry pouches. She maded sure they were empty before she agree to bring me home.

  10. Yes, someones is looking for somefin if'n he still has his hoo-hass. Beau Beau what is those where you hoo-hass are a'posed to be?

  11. We asked Mom what hoo-has are and she said goolies??????? the vermin just laughed. You need to go and join the House panthers WM ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO

  12. He looks like the "cheshire cat"!!

    Maybe he is looking for Alice.....

  13. I remember my hoo-has. I could have had a girlfriend back at the apartment if my People had just left them alone! I NEEDED THOSE!

    Now Buddah, he was really funny with his hoo-has. He kept rubbing them on the Woman, and when he rubbed 'em on her face...well, that's when he went to the stabby place, and when he came back, they were gone.

    That was funny, too...


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