Monday, January 02, 2006


The year was pretty good for us, with only a couple of catworthy changes:

We finally got carpet (June)
While it was fun slipping and sliding over the painted cement floors, we sure do appreciate the warmth for our little toes in the winter. It also gives me some pretty good traction for chasing Olivia all over the place. AND AND AND, Mom quit moving all our furniture hither and yon.

We got a new sister (November)
EEEK. Didn't we do this last year, too?

I thought it was time to review my resolutions for 2005 and see how I did.
  • Turn 2! I did that!
  • Improve my hockey game by getting more Science Diet under the refrigerator. I did that!
  • Refinish Mom's wicker trunks. I didn't do that. But Olivia pretty much shredded one in Mom's bedroom within a week of Mom getting it. Mom wasn't happy about that, so this was one resolution I was glad I didn't keep.
  • Bite more cardboard boxes. I definitely did that!
  • Top the world'’s record for number of toys under the washer and dryer. Hmmm. I don't know if I actually broke any records, but I sure tried!
So this year I've got:
  • Turn 3!
  • Don't let my mom get us any more sisters.


  1. William, i'm glad you did such a good job on your resolutions for 2005. also, i'm glad you got carpet. i wish you'd talk to my Mom 'bout carpet, we don't have any and our floors get real cold.

  2. Carpet is good, much warmer on the feet. Even mum can walk around with no shoe on in winter. But it is fun to slide on the shiny floor in the kitchen and bathroom.

    Wm. mum and I wented back and read your early posts. You and your sisters have a very nice mum to bring you into her home. Such a nice lovely family.

  3. Oooh I hope you do have a good year. Tell your Momma that you definitely don't need anymore sisters and that you've got plenty. They're lucky to have such a sweet brother like you.

    Here's to hanging out togetehr in '06!

  4. Nothing worse than cold little toes, cept maybe cold little ears. Great Job William!!! Way to go!!!

  5. Go William! I second that no more sisters resolution. There's enough of us already. I don't want to have to share my Mom and Grandma with any more sisters.

  6. No resolutions around here. Mom says it's no use.....

  7. Happy New Year, William, Eddie, Olivia, and Caroline!


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