Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It Happened To Us.

How weird is this? I was listening to the radio this morning while Mom was getting ready for hunting and heard a sad story about birds that fly into windows because they can't see them. And do you know what happened? Way later after Mom left I heard something at the back door, so I got into my bird window in the kitchen to see what was going on. And do you know what it was? It was one of my pet doves and he'd flown right into the glass door!

I told Mom when she came home for lunch. I showed her where to see the dusty mark on the glass, wing tip to wing tip, and I told her I could see a feather on the ground. But I didn't know if he was still out there, hurt or what. Mom checked for me, looking around the whole back yard.

I was glad when Mom came back in and told me he must have been OK because he wasn't around. But I'm still worried it might happen again. I think I need to have Mom help me make a sign or something. How about, "Don't fly into this, you'll get hurt. Your friend, William."


  1. Sorry to hear about your bird. I hope he is okay. We used to have kamikaze hummingbirds around here. Birdbrains!

    Hey, I am a Albuquerque Kitty too!

    This is a purrfect place for kitties. Birds and warm sunshine all the time!

  2. We have grouses here that sit up in moms ornamental apple tree and eat the little apples. They flies into the windows all the time over and over but never get hurts. We girls watch in anticipation!

  3. we had to put decals on our glass storm door 'cause some people would actually walk into it. talk about birdbrains!

  4. We heard about birdie outlines you can put on windows, but don't know where to get them.

  5. That happened at our place except Jane found it and brought it in in a box in case an owl ate it or something. It was stunned and shivering but after a bit it was ok and flew away.

  6. Ohh, we have those stickers on our big windows that go to the floor. You might be able to buy them at a pet store. Or make them and just taped them up. They are just in the shape of birds and are black. They were on the windows when mum moved in so she didn't have to get them herself.

    Mum said they had a birdie smash into the window at work a few months ago. And they work up in a high floor. It maded a big mess on the window too.

  7. Mummy looked up on the 'puter a place that sells a spiderwebby thing that it says it works. Look under accessories and its the last thing.


    Also this site had tips on what to do.


  8. William my Mom thinks you are a very special and considerate kitty. I'm glad the bird is ok. No birds have ever hit our windows that I know of, but Mom says they use the decals on the windows where she works because they had problems with that. Just in case the birds are flying too fast to read your note.

  9. Our Mom said when she was younger a huge pheasant flew into the living room window so hard it broke it's neck and busted out the window. After that they hung a wind sock decoration in the porch area to keep the birds from hitting any more windows. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko


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