Sunday, January 01, 2006

I Was First.

* I was the first to wish my mom happy new year this morning!
* I was the first to nap with her under the comforter today.
* I was the first to bite her today. I was just giving her fingers some love nips like I like to do when I accidentally put a toothy into a booboo she has. Did she meow real loud! But she knew I didn't mean to do it.
* I was first to apologize and give her a kiss and purrs. (And I'll be the only one for the whole year–my sisters are never sorry when they bite Mom. I roll my eyes.)


  1. Your mom sure is lucky to have you!

    Have a great year, William.

  2. aw Wiliam, you are such an exceptional tiny boy. i wonder what adventures you'll have in 2006?

  3. At least you are a gooded example for your sisters.


Wowee meowee.