Monday, December 05, 2005

What Happened?

I don't know what was going on with this thing tonight but I couldn't visit most of my friends' blogs. I've been so busy with Mom and Caroline that I've been a little behind on reading and leaving messages, and I wanted to catch up tonight. But now it's late and I'm pretty sleepy and all I want to do is curl up in front of this thing Mom calls a space heater. I don't know why it isn't called a cat heater.

So I'll have to try again tomorrow. I hope everybody stays nice and warm!


  1. yeah, everybody's blogs were broken for a while there. we were so impressed to hear 'bout your Mom instalin' an oven!! and it's so cool you got to touch paws with Caroline. is she gettin' better?

  2. Mom says she couldn't have put the oven in without me giving her a little boost at the feet. She said that was very helpful since it was kind of bulky and very heavy. We helped her get the old one into the garage, too. I don't know what she would have done if we hadn't been there to help.

    Caroline is much better but will still be by herself for a while yet. When she went into the hospital, our vet was off for a few days so she had to get care from somebody I don't know. That doctor said Caroline had to be quarantined for four weeks! Pfft. Obviously a woofie doctor or something, where four minutes is the same as four weeks. Mom thinks probably by the weekend we can all be together. Especially since Eddie didn't get sick at all like he did with Olivia.

    Whew, I'm talkin' a lot here!

  3. Oh Boy we can't wait till you get to meet nose to nose! I was fine when Scout came, but Scooby is still hissing & growling at him. It's been 6 months! -Shaggy

  4. I had the same trouble with Blogger last night, and you're not the only one getting behind on blogs. With all the travel and turkey and climbing Christmas trees and all...

    I like the sound of that Cat Heater and it's good to hear that you'll all be getting together as a big family soon!

  5. Broken bloggies stink!! I wanna see pictures when you & your sis finally meet. Tell your Mom!!!

  6. Yeah I came by last night to visit you but I couldn't say anything. Now I fergit what I was going to say.


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