Sunday, December 04, 2005

Mom's Little Helpers.

Olivia and I helped Mom in the kitchen this weekend. She was installing a new wall oven, so we had to make sure that everything was set. Olivia checked out the cupboard where the wiring was going to go and I checked out the place where the oven was going to go. We both tried to help Mom with the electrical part because all those wires looked like fun but she said it was too small a space to work in as it was and we'd have to do something else. So while she was stuck in the bottom cupboard doing that, I found a whole bag of catnip she'd hidden in one of the drawers she'd taken out. Boy that was fun! Or at least until she found the shredded bag and nip all over the place.

But she really wasn't too mad about that. She even gave me some cardboard to play with. The best part? She said now that we have an oven that really works, she'd make us our favorite holiday treat–parmesan fish! Eddie is pretty excited about that. Me too!

And you know what else? Caroline and I touched paws under her door today! I can't wait for her to be able to really come out and play.


  1. What a good helper you are! I always supervise Mom & Dad when they do projects around the house. You never know when an extra paw might be needed.

    The Crew

  2. awww, you touched paws..that's so cute!


Wowee meowee.