Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's All About Me.

OK, I promised I'd do this fun thing and also that there'd be pictures of Caroline. But me first.
Favorite place to sleep? Under the comforter with my mom.

Favorite music? Hmm, I don't think I have a preference. I'll listen to anything Mom listens to.

Favorite toy? Olivia. Oh, wait–Mom says I can't say that because Olivia is not a toy. OK, then, sponge rubber balls.

Favorite food? Baby food! But it can't have any vegetables in it because I don't like vegetables.

Favorite human? Mom!

Favorite game? Chasing Olivia.

Favorite window? The one with the shelf Mom put up for me, the same one where Olivia's chewed up the blinds. I get to stretch out in the sun and I don't fall off the sill.

Favorite naughty thing to do? I think it would have to be attacking a roll of TP.

Tag, whoever hasn't done this, you're it! OK, now the pictures!

Me again! I'm keeping Caroline
secret company.
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Here she is, feeling better. Posted by Picasa

She likes Eddie's basket. Posted by Picasa

My sis Caroline. Posted by Picasa


  1. What a happy day!! Your new sister is very cute and has beautiful blue eyes. We are all wishing her a speedy recovery.


  2. oh my, what pretty blue eyes Caroline has. hopefully you'll get to play together soon. i wonder what prompted your Mom to get another kitty, did you ask her?

  3. She has blue eyes too!!! Ghost thinks it scary that Caroline resembles me so much.


  4. She's a very pretty sister, William. I hope she's able to come out soon and join you, Olivia, and Eddie in playing lots of kitty cat games.

  5. WMD, I can't wait till you and Olivia and Eddie get to meet her! I want to meet her!

  6. Wm, now you have to tell us the story of how Caroline came to your house. We know there must be a story there. Pretty ,pretty kitty.

  7. WOW, I am in love. (SIGH). Such beautiful blue eyes. I can see why your mum picked her, she is bee-u-ti-ful.

    Hope you get to play with her soon. I am sure she likes having you keep her company, even if you are on the other side of a door.

    Be a good brudder now and be kind to Caroline.

  8. fun answers on your meme, William!

    Caroline is very pretty - our mom can't get over her beautiful blue eyes. 'Course she says that you are always a very handsome tiny boy!
    Buzzerbee & meep

  9. William, your sister is very lovely. What beautiful blue eyes she has.


  10. Caroline is very pretty. I hope she feels alllllll better very soon :)

  11. Is Caroline siamese like me? She does have that look!!!

  12. I take a couple days off, and look at the excitement I missed! Your new sister is very pretty. I bet all you guys are going to have some big fun! COngratulations you guys!

  13. Wow! Your sister is very pretty, William! My Mom told me to visit and look at your pictures.


  14. Caroline is really pretty. Gotta love those blue eyes!


  15. How sweet Caroline looks Mom says. She is cute like all of you guys so she should fit in very well. Make sure you play with her too, not just Olivia the little piglet eating machine with the kangaroo in her. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko


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