Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Big Move.

And on the last day of the month, too, just like people do! Well, while Olivia, actually, played in the closet, Mom and I removed all–well, most–of the things Caroline could get into in her new room. I told Mom I thought leaving the baskets on the shelves would be OK, as long as they were empty. Really I was thinking that if it were me in the recuperation room, I'd bite all the baskets! You know me.

Anyway, we got everything all situated, I made Olivia get out of the closet, and then Mom moved Caroline in. She closed the door to stay with Caroline for a while but told me later that my new sister couldn't stop looking all around at her great big new room! Even toys couldn't get her attention from the space. I'm pretty sure I heard Caroline say she thought it was a palace!

She'll like it even more when morning comes. My room gets sun all day and it will be nice and warm and bright for her. I think that will help her get better that much faster.

In the meantime, I'll sit outside her door and keep her secret company.

(Oh, and I was tagged by Derby to do a meme and I promise I'll get to it soon. And I'll get Mom to get some pictures of Caroline soon too. Mia, she does look like you!)


  1. I'm glad your new sister is getting settled in William. Glad you seem to be getting along too, through the door anyway.....

  2. you're such a good tiny boy to keep her company. i bet you'll be the best tiny big brother ever!!!

  3. After being in a cage & being sick, poor Caroline needs a lot of love and brotherly advice. We're sure you can help out with that!

  4. Yep. She neeeds to be handled gently for the time being. He room with that sun sounds awesome!


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