Wednesday, October 26, 2005


So Mom's been telling me I'm going in the troll box. It took me days to figure out what she meant! The troll box is what we have to get into when we go to the cat fix-it place. She calls it the troll box because the ones who don't go into the troll box act like trolls to the one in it. Like the time Eddie went for a check up a few months back and I hissed and growled and did my extraordinarily high-pitched there's-a-cat-in-my-yard...troll squeal.

I guess she named the cat carrier all because of me.

And worse, she's taking me to the cat fix-it place tomorrow to get shot.

I don't think that's right.


  1. we all gotta get shot, William. and you're a better cat for it. you don't want to get sick,do you? a sick tiny boy would not be good.

  2. Edsel's right, William. We all hate it, but it's gotta be done . . . just think 'bout ways you can make your mom feel sorry for ya and then she'll spoil you afterwards!
    Buzzerbee & meep

  3. I agree with Edsel, and I had to get 2 shots! Moms do spoil you afterwards, especially if you act all upset about it. (Take it from a pro!) It will help keep you healthy AND get you attention!

  4. Oh, they SAY you're gonna get shot, but then they STAB you. Bite and kick as hard as you can!!!

  5. Shots aka stabs aren't much fun, nope. At least they're quick though. I hope it goes by fast for you and your bean spoils you lots after. :)


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