Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Passing Through.

Here's a not-very-good picture my mom took out the kitchen window of a Say's Phoebe. He's really a handsome little bird, mostly grey with a dark dark dark head and a tawny colored underside. Generally they eat insects, but with the cold and all I guess those seeds were looking pretty good. They're supposed to be here all the time but we just get sparrows and finches and hawks and three kinds of doves, that pigeon once and that alien grey cat who may be a girl but I think is a boy and who thinks he owns the place as if it weren't MY YARD.

So I'm very excited. I haven't seen a phoebe since last fall and this one has come by for three days now!

I bet his name is William, too.
Or maybe it's Jean-Luc.
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  1. i don't think we have phoebes here, i've never heard of one. it kind of looks in the picture like a chickadee, which is our fav'rite bird. then we like cardinals and goldfinches.

  2. We don't have them either that I know of. I say it's name is lunch.


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