Sunday, October 02, 2005

Just Like The Old Days.

So for the first time in almost three months, Mom didn't have any of this stuff she calls "studying" to do. She said it was all finished now. I know she was pretty happy just to do whatever she wanted all weekend long. So guess what we did? We napped! We napped both days!


  1. Congratulations to your mom! I know you're glad you can get more attention now. I love all day napping!

  2. Perfect way to spend a weekend! Cool for you and your Mom :)

  3. i'm curious to know what your Mom was studyin', but whatever it was i'm glad you had a break and could nap. i can never, ever get my Mom to nap during the day. she always says there is "too much to do". sigh.

  4. We love napping with our Mom and Kinsey kitten too but she doesn't nap as much...~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

    We do too ~Rodentia


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