Thursday, September 29, 2005

It Was The Kangaroo. Really.

Mom got suspicious when Olivia the little piglet eating machine with the kangaroo in her was sitting on the counter but facing the wall, unusually preoccupied. Then Mom heard this click - click - click, so she went over to investigate. Well, there was my sister, playing with the big hand on the clock!

Olivia explained to Mom that it was the kangaroo in her that was making her play with the clock. The hand was moving and bothering the kangaroo. So Olivia decided to make the hand stop.

And when Mom told her that there really was no kangaroo, Olivia got all mad, bit Mom and ran off.

Honestly, I don't know what gets into her sometimes. Unless it's that kangaroo.


  1. i dont know, but between all the bitin' and the kangaroo thing, i'm beginnin' to wonder if your sister is a little *off* if you know what i mean. maybe your Mom should take her to the vet doctor and do an xray for that kangaroo thing. if it's not there, you could take her to a kitty headshrinker.

  2. you know, i got to thinkin' 'bout this, have you checked to see if she has a pouch? maybe she does and she keeps stuff in it and that's why she looks plump??

  3. I'm worried now. Another animal can live inside me? Hmmmm, the two-legged one calls me her little cow some times. Maybe I'm a moo cow and a kitty!

  4. Mom has a friend that calls black & white kitties "cow kitties" 'cause they look like b&w spotted dairy cows. Demeaning, isn't it?


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