Sunday, August 07, 2005

Pet Update.

Here I am watching my pets this morning. There was a great deal of talking going on in the trees.

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Later on I was lounging in my special window in Eddie's room, keeping Mom company while she did some stuff in the back yard, when I saw Bob, Emma and Warren very close by in our evergreen trees! Finally Mom saw them too.

Emma and Warren are very bold and weren't scared by us at all. Mom even got pretty close and chatted with them. "Ka ka ka ka ka." And they answered right back. "Ka ka ka ka ka." I thought my mom could only speak cat–who knew she could speak hawk too!

Here's Warren near a little bird nest.
(If only the little bird family had moved
into those houses we put out...)
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Bob keeping an eye out.
Bob is a very big bird.
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These guys are fun to watch but I miss all my little finch and sparrow friends who used to visit every day. Mom explained that she doesn't want to put seed out any more because that would just put them in danger. :-( I sure don't want that!


  1. The raptors are beautiful though. They need a home too so I can see why your Mom doesn't want to put bird seed out to entice little birds to be meals. You are lucky to have such interesting pets to watch William ~Cat Mom

    We like the pictures...more pictures please ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

    We DO NOT like the pictures due to the fact that raptors eat little rats like us...ROdentia

  2. I like the picture because I like looking at all birdies, even ones bigger than me (as long as they don't get me or anyone else)! I say keep the pictures coming (but I understand Rodentia's feelings)!

  3. You look ghostly in that picture of you in the window! The birdie pix are great. Wonder why they chose your yard?

  4. i wish i had me some big birds like that. you are very lucky William. just be careful, they might see you through the window....


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