Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Near Disaster.

At lunch today I tried to distract Mom from calling the cat fix-it place by jumping on the stool near the phone just as she was going to sit down! It worked for a little bit because she was all concerned about my almost getting squished, and I got lots of kisses and pets. But then she made the dreaded call anyway.

I thought I was doomed. I really like my vet a lot and I'm so cute that I always get lots of attention when I go, but eeeek the RIDE IN THE CARRIER. So I held my breath, trying to think what else I could do to get her attention. See Mom? I don't need a check up. See see see? I'm good! I'm healthy! I don't need any shots! Then I heard her say it...the appointment was for my brother!

So EDDIE will have to ride in the carrier.


  1. whew, did you luck out or what? i had to go to the place of sick last month. they took a whole boatload of blood to check if i was healthy 'cause i've lost a lot of weight, but mom said the tests came back fine. hopefully it'll be a long time before either of us has to go there!

  2. You scared me for a moment! My heart was racing and chest pounding! I hope he doesn't have to get a stick! Glad it wasn't for YOU!!

  3. Ha! Don'tcha love it when that happens???

  4. You really dodged that one. Make sure she does stick you in the car also. Sometimes they are sneaky that way.

  5. Lucky! Mom shoved me in the evil box this week to take me to my grammy's house, which is in the hottest place on earth!


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