Saturday, August 06, 2005

Unexpected Treat.

So Mom saw me eating something today that was nowhere near our food dish. She even made me let her check my mouth because she doesn't like me eating random things on the floor, but this time it was too late. Sometimes I just can't help eating things I find.

Well, it was a little later on that Mom discovered what it had been. It was just a fluke that it fell to the floor, really. I thought it was a heavenly sign just for me!

Mom had found two of these baby hawk
feathers in the back yard. She'd shown
them to us when she brought them in,
but I didn't know where she'd put them.
It just fell from the air. Honest!
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I thought maybe if I ate it, I could learn to fly or something. I don't think that was unreasonable.


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  2. i don't think feathers are very heatlhy to eat. i ate one once (i think from a pigeon) and it made me puke.

  3. Yeah, my mom doesn't think so, either. She told me I shouldn't have eaten it and what if I had to go to the cat fix-it place? But so far so good--I haven't barfed or anything. (Of course, I haven't started to fly yet, either, so maybe I'll leave the other one alone. Anyway, she really hid it this time and I don't think it will be falling on the floor any time soon.)

  4. Phew! I saw the picture and thought you were moulting for a sec...

  5. I say anything that is on the floor inside is belongs to the feline(s) of the house (and the dog, if one)!

  6. Not at all. I eat feffers all the time, whenever I can find them ~ Ko Ko


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