Wednesday, August 31, 2005


So Mom told me today she saw a little black boy outside the place where she hunts, which she said was very unusual. This little boy had green eyes. He even talked to Mom. (My mom talks to all cats.) In fact, he was so friendly that he let her pet him.

She said he had no collar but didn't appear like he was lost or anything. And even though he seemed well-fed and clean, I guess he was still broken or something because she told me that he wasn't fixed. That was just irresponsible, she said. I'll say! Who'd leave their cats broken? (Some cats' parents!)

But so I wouldn't worry about her being so friendly to stranger? She told me that even though he was a pretty handsome little boy, he wasn't nearly as cute and special as me! And that I will ALWAYS be her very favorite favorite tiny boy.

(Of course, I really knew that already.)


  1. It's good to be reminded though sometimes ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO

  2. A VERY special tiny boy. It's good that your Mom cares so much about all kitties! I get jealous when my Mom rubs other kitties, but really I don't mind cause we all need lovins!

  3. you are a very special tiny boy, William - it's real nice how your mom lets you know how much she luvs ya. i pretend like i don't like it when my mom luvs me up, but in secret, i like it lotz!


  4. hmmm, i made a comment here but it's not here. where did it go???? anyway Wm, i was wondering how tiny you are? you always refer to yourself as a tiny boy but your picture doesn't look very tiny at all!

  5. Edsel, sometimes that disappearing comment thing happens to me too. Anyway, I am a tiny boy because when I got here I was very little for my age, and even now I'm still littler than my brother. Mom always calls Eddie her little boy, so I'm forever the tiny boy. I'm only about 11 compact pounds too. If Mom could get a picture of me and Eddie side by side, you'd see that he stands taller than me. Just me in a photo can be misleading!


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