Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Q And A.

My mom said to me tonight, "So William, tell me. Do you think we're going nowhere fast?"

And I said, "Well, yeah, Mom, we always go nowhere fast because I'm a tiny boy with a whole lot of energy and so does Olivia because even though she has that kangaroo in her she has to keep up with me but not so much Eddie because he's all ZZZZ practically all the time and I don't think it's going nowhere exactly because even though we don't go out and stuff we have the run of the house all day and all night."

Then I thought maybe when she said we she really meant herself. So then I said, "Don't worry, Mom. Only three more days 'til vacation and then we'll show you how to go nowhere fast the right way."


  1. Momma knows how to do this very well. Shmaybe you should ask her!

  2. Oh ... please think happy thoughts. And in an existential sense, we probably are going nowhere fast.


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