Thursday, September 01, 2005

Whole Lotta Fighting And Biting Going On.

No, not us. Besides, the last thing Mom always says to us when she goes out hunting is, "No fighting and no biting."

No, it was my new pet! I have a little preying mantis now. She's very special because she not green like other little preying mantises. She stays in the front garden and keeps my pet snails company. Usually she sits in the butterfly bush, but today she was in the Russian sage. And you know what? A little honey bee was all buzz buzz buzzing around the Russian sage, having some lunch, and bam! My pet reached right up and nabbed him! It was amazing! He put up a pretty good fight, but she won.

And...she ate the whole bee!

Mmm...tastes like sparrow! Posted by Picasa


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  2. glad i read it a sedond time, thouh it was dee first, howsomefer, dcoul be u, cee amen, and here is a time for all a da t amen,

  3. would like to wantder aronde the buttherrfly bush, yah, and also put frotg in ur throat amen, etd peacdodck tutte io amen,

  4. WILLIAM! You got the Thought & Humor guy too &, &, &, he left the SAME message....... for someone so deep you'd think he could at least come up with new comments! As for the praying mantis she must be one tough cookie to be eating bees. No even I, Oreo, Bug Hunter, would eat a bee.

  5. you guys have weird visitors. you are lucky Wm to have so many pets. is your mom on vacation now? will you do something fun?

  6. What is with the t & h guy??? And did you see that tra cee person's message, too! Man! I hope they don't find ME! (hehe)

  7. We no speaka the tre cee persons 'aguage, and t & h was a bit too breezy scatch theeese we meen windy, but....

    WM we think your new pet is soo cool. We only have the green praying mantises here that we have seen anyway. The whole bee! I bet that was something to watch ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  8. Sparrow? So then it's TRUE! Praying mantises actually eat BIRDS?


Wowee meowee.