Wednesday, May 11, 2005

CSI: Albuquerque.

Dear Dr. Grissom,

I know you're really busy with stuff in Las Vegas, but when you get a moment, could you come out here and help us? Someone is attacking and killing our birds and leaving them on the walkway right where I can see them when I sit in the window. This is quite upsetting to me, my brother and my sister–and my mom.

My mom thinks the first one was an accident, because it was such a tiny tiny bird and she found it right under the tree. It gets very windy out here in the spring, so we thought that maybe he fell out of his nest.

But the second one Mom thinks a dog got, since she saw one wandering about even though dogs aren't supposed to wander about around here. And the third one looked like the work of a cat because there were things missing, if you understand what I mean. My sister Olivia saw an alien cat in the yard the other day, a great big fluffy grey cat, and kind of ugly, too. So there are two good clues for you.

Three in four days! Can you help solve these alarming crimes? We can't lose all our birds. We like to watch them and we don't like it when they get hurt like this.



P.S. I know you like bugs. I like bugs, too. We have a very neat butterfly pavilion you could visit when you come out! I could go with you.


  1. Can your mom borrow a video camera, or maybe a webcam? Maybe she could leave it pointed at the walkway and see what happens.

  2. CSI, we know that show. That is our Mom's favorite. Gil can solve any crime-he's very smart. And if he can't, I bet Sherrif Jinky and Deputy Timmy can ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko


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