Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I think we're getting new carpet! Mom brought home some samples so I can help choose the color!

When we first bought this house, it needed a lot of work. For a month before we moved in, my mom spent every possible minute working on it. I think Mom didn't realize how very much of a mess it was going to be. It had something to do with the house having been a rental and neglected for a long time.

Well, come to find out, one of the first things Mom had to do was pull up the carpet and padding because it was much much worse than she had originally thought. My Aunt M helped get it all gone, too! But the bad part was that Mom hadn't planned on replacing the carpet right away, so we had to wait. In the meantime, she painted the all the floors except the kitchen and bathrooms. It's pretty cool in the summer (it's cement) but pretty chilly in the winter. I know Mom feels like we all live in a "garage," whatever that is. But it does make her laugh when Olivia and I chase each other all over the place and can't get any traction!

Hmm, traction. I forgot about that! I used to get some pretty good speed going in the old place...and with this place being so much bigger, I'll be flying after Olivia! Woo-hoo!

So many colors! Posted by Hello

Why can't I have all of them,
I wonder?
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  2. I say get black - Then you can hide and pounce better!

  3. What a big responsiblity...help mom pick something that doesn't show cat hair. hehehehe


  4. What fun! Pick something wildly pink!

  5. Get white...it shows hair a kitty barf the best!

  6. get all the colours, little squares of each and put them together ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko


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