Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Mom left the pantry door open for a few moments. That's the place where all the biteable stuff is, like bags of cat food, bags of bird seed, paper goods...weeee! I was trying to decide what to bite when up on the second shelf I saw a toy. A real honest-to-goodness toy! My toy!

Mom got it just for me when she'd picked up some toys for Eddie's girlfriend Shilgiah a few months ago. (I do have a habit of seeking out Shilgiah's toys and claiming them for my own before Mom can even get them to a safe WMD-proof place.) It was a wand with three really pretty long blue feathers, some short green feathers and a bell on the end. Of course, within 10 minutes I had chewed off the pretty long blue feathers!

Mom saved all the bits and claimed she was going to fix it for me but she never did. So tonight when I saw it I got so excited! She almost caught me but I had it in my teeth and I wouldn't let go. It had been ages since I'd played with it and I WANTED IT.

I love this toy! Posted by Hello

I love these feathers! Posted by Hello

I guess I've kinda over-loved it. Posted by Hello

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  1. I love those feather toys too and the feathers always come off. I wonder why they don't make them more cat teeth proof? ~Shadow


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