Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Barf Barf Barf.

Well, I'm pretty sure Eddie is cut off from the cat grass. Even though he loves it, it does make him barf. More than usual. And today he had to find three rugs to barf on because barfing on rugs is the law, no matter how much hard flooring you have to cross to get to one. Mom was not all that thrilled to find it (and find it and find it, in three different rooms!) when she got home.

So to get Mom uncranky after the cleanup, Olivia and I decided to help her out while she continued to play musical closets. We kind of gave up, though, since our idea of organizing things is making sure there's a cat toy every twelve inches and hers is to make everything neat. Instead we thought it was better to just watch from these newfound comfy little cat containers.

We hardly ever barf. Posted by Hello


  1. Shmaybe Mommy didn't catch a buggie after all...shmaybe she ate some grass! That would make sense a'cause she did barfies too!!

  2. Usually cat grass makes me feel better. I know it made a big difference when I had a hairball. I do have to agree about the rug. I usually go to the bathroom rug or the one in the laundry room. (easy access to the washer ... see, I think about my mom and dad some)


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