Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bag Boy.

Mom went the other kind of hunting and just look what she got me!

Always something exciting! at Foley's. Posted by Hello


  1. I was in a bag just the other day William! I love bags sooo much! I stayed in it and fell asleep and when Mommy went to throw it out, she jumped a'cause she didn't know I was sleeping in it still :)

  2. I like the shopping bags with plastic handles 'cause I like to chew the plastic to pieces and freak the girl out!

    Hey William - thanks for the post on my blog! You've got a great site - I added you to my list of Kitty Bloggers!

    Happy Baggin'!

    Buzzerbee & meep

  3. I had a bag kind of like that, and I loved it but the People threw it away. They never want me to have any fun.

    Don't let your People near your bag!!!


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