Monday, February 07, 2005

It Happens Every Monday Night.

We have to hide for about an hour because my mom has these weird outbursts and they kind of alarm us!

They're not at us, though. She's actually doing this at that box with the little humans in it. Eddie doesn't seem to mind it, so he'll keep her company and look at the box along with her. He says that she's been getting all agitated like this for eons, way before I came along, and he finally got used to it. They look at something called "24" on the box, although I wonder 24 of what? Cats in the yard? Dogs? Vacuums? Any of those would get me all agitated! I think I'd have outbursts too!

It's a good thing she doesn't spend much time looking at that box with the little humans in it and that when she does, my big brother can keep reminding her it's only a box with little humans in it!


  1. How odd. I say investigate this a little more William. My Mommy goes out every Monday night and then this strange little box turns on and makes funny noises while she's gone. When she comes home, she plays with that little box and then she watches the talking box. She calls it the VCR but I don't care what it's called...I don't like it. It makes noises while she's gone and that spooks me out.

  2. Hmmm, we have one of those noisy boxes and Mom likes to watch "news" about everything I guess and something called cseyes. Why she want's to watch a box with eyes I don't know. Maybe she likes it watching her back. I find the whole process boring and usually sleep. ~Merlin


Wowee meowee.