Tuesday, February 08, 2005

My Secret Mardi Gras.

Here I am flying down to Nawlins. Posted by Hello

Here I am on Bourbon Street right outside
The Cat's Meow. It was rainy and cold!
I waited as long as I could for the parade to start
but I had to get home before Mom found out.
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So here I am flying back from Nawlins. Posted by Hello

As a surprise, we had our own celebration,
right at home!
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See how many beads I have?
(OK, I didn't
really go to Nawlins.) Posted by Hello


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Did you enjoy Fat Tuesday? I know I did!

  2. I love wearing coloured, jingly beads. I always wear a hemp necklace with a small bell that my Auntie Mary made for me and my kitten Kinsey just made me a bead necklace I wear also. ~Merlin

    PS Shadow takes her bead necklace off.

  3. Those beads look fantastic on you!

    I loved your trip pictures -- I wish I could've gone.


  4. My mom and dad don't let me travel. I'm glad you had a blast in the big easy!

    Jasper McKitten Cat


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