Sunday, February 06, 2005

I Think I Like It.

I had such a busy weekend helping Mom move furniture and paint and work on the floor. Late last night I was minding my own business sleeping because I was tired from all this activity when I heard Mom call my name. Then I heard it again. Then I realized she was telling me to "stop it"! Well. Finally she got up and realized it was Olivia making a racket by playing with things in the hallway. I don't think I appreciated her just assuming it was me making trouble, especially since I'd been so helpful all day!

But I guess I'm over that mistake–I know she was tired too. And she did set up the computer just so I could finally do my blog. And–I got to see the rearranged room and it looks like I'll be able to get into one of those windows much more easily now, which is the most important part. It will be a few days before the room will be open to us, but it will be so fun when it is!

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