Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I Need A Chew Stick.

Mom finally noticed that I had been gnawing on the pencil she keeps with other stuff in a big bowl on the counter. It was about time! She used to hide her pencils because I've already chewed on about 59,000 of them. But I guess like the paper towels, she thought she had me fooled by hiding it in plain sight.

I love those comfort grips! Posted by Hello

If only I could figure out where she keeps the chew sticks, I'd just bite open the bag and help myself. Everybody knows I've done it before with other treats. Once in the old place I let myself into the cupboard and opened up two bags of treats and placed them on the floor where my brother and sister could have some too. They thought that was very very clever. Mom wasn't all that amused, though, and we even left some for her! You'd think she'd appreciate my self-reliance, wouldn't you?

Eddie tries to get some chew stick action.
(I don't think so.)
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It's a toy! It's a chew stick!
It's two treats in one!
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  1. I understand. I use to get in the cabinet and get out a bag of the soft, fluffy white pillows that beans eat until Mom hid them. All I did was leave fang marks in each one. They were still perfectly good enough for the beans to eat. ~Merlin PS I may have to try those chew sticks.

  2. These chew sticks you speak of...where can I get em? They sound mighty good!
    I usually just steal the pens and hide them for Gramma to find under the stove and fridge. Mommy had a fancy pen she got from Disneyworld and I made sure she knew I liked it too! My teethywork is all over it! (She wasn't pleased...wonder why?)

  3. Hi William,
    Shilgiah here. My mom's internet connection has been messed up since early Monday morning so this is the first chance I've gotten to say hi and to tell a story about when I first saw you when you were a tiny tiny boy out on your own. This was before you found your wonderful Mom and Sibs. I don't know if you remember this but one day, near the 4th of July in 2003 (this was after I had been leash trained-I really love to go for walkies) I was sitting with my mom in the patio overlooking my big big back yard (Mom calls it "the park")when I saw this little tiny black kitten lying in the grass not too far away under a little tree. The grass was not all that long but the kitten was so tiny that he was almost invisible. All of a sudden the little kitten,who had been lying very quietly, jumped up and POUNCED and tried to catch something in his front paws and then the tiny kitten POUNCED again and again and again. It made my mom laugh but I got all excited and told mom I just had to go see what this little kitten was doing. So, mom made sure my halter was just right (not too tight and not too loose)and we went to say hi to the tiny black kitten. That tiny kitten was you William and I think I might have scared you just a little cuz you ran away real fast when my mom and I slowly came to say hi. That was during the scary time before you had your wonderful Mom you have now. Once you became Eddie's brother I got to see you and Eddie up in the window whenever I went for my walkies. Oh, and I'm so sorry about those mean people who chopped down those tree arms next door to your new house! I love trees and this morning while Mom and I went for walkies I stretched up real high on the tree where I first met Eddie and I hugged the tree. I miss seeing you and Eddie watching me when I take walks.
    Lots of Love,
    Shilgiah (Eddie's Sweetie Pea)

  4. People need to understand--present the chew toys, or present the arm. One way or another, something's meeting a toothy death...


Wowee meowee.