Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Chicken Flavor.

Just thinking about chew sticks I had to get Mom to give me another one tonight! She hunts for these at Petco. They're really called Cat Chew Treats but I bet they never asked a cat what to call them. Treats are little. These are definitely sticks.

These haven't diminished my love of all things cardboard, but they did help with my addiction to biting the rubber parts of the cords on my mom's hair dryer and curling iron, pencils, and of course stereo speaker wires. Not that I can get to these things easily any more since Mom found out what I was doing.

Want to know the really weird thing? I'm the only in the house who likes chew sticks! I don't get it. But I guess that means all the more for ME!


  1. Yumm! Mommy said she's gonna see 'bout gettin' some for me!

  2. I wandered over here because Timmy said you had yummy treats. I asked my Mom to get some and I think she'll try.

    Nice to meetcha.

    *scurries back to Timmy's blog*



Wowee meowee.