Monday, January 17, 2005

We Weighed Mom Down, As Promised.

Well, of course we couldn't let her have a completely peaceful night. Eddie took up one side and Olivia–whose body weight increases tenfold when on top of blankets or Mom's stomach–took up the other. My job of course was guarding her feet. I finally realized they wouldn't be moving much if she couldn't move much, and she was pretty much anchored down for the night.

When I got bored, I jumped on top of the desk and began a serious attack on the laces of her shoes. She thought I wouldn't find them up there but I can hear these things! I also had to step all over the keyboard while I was doing that. I'm sure I wrote something really good while chewing on the laces, but we'll never know because the computer was off. Then Mom woke up with all the tapping and told me to stop it. Moms!

We all helped put all the furniture and things back in place, but I did the most. I even helped trying to get the futon cover off for washing by wrapping myself up in it and doing the secret part when Mom folded the mattress in half. I don't think she appreciated my resourcefulness! Then I tried to help when she was ironing curtains by sitting on them as they draped off the ironing board. I was just trying to keep them from dragging all over the floor and getting dirty again!

I was so tired after all that work, I just had to crash.

See the mess I had to deal with?
(Mom calls this "Still Life with Milano")
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  1. Sometimes I don't think our Mommies appreciate all the work we poodies do. Nice job on the curtians, at least they didn't blow away.


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