Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Mystery Continues.

So today, the bedroom was suddenly off-limits again and the mattress and box spring were back in the hallway. Olivia and I got to be giants again! (Of course, Eddie was all Zzzzzz. He misses a lot of good stuff.) I guess we're not all that gigantic, though, because Mom says I am at the perfect height to hug and kiss on. She kept smothering my head with kisses every time she went by!

Anyway, tonight she's going to sleep in Eddie's room. She won't be able to close the door because now there's two rooms of furniture all over, so we'll get to weigh her down like we did when she slept on the futon the last time we got to be giants. I don't think she found the futon all that comfortable, although I don't know why–I think it's very comfy...and camouflaging, too! So tonight she's going to put the mattress on the floor and we'll all have a cat pajama party! I hope somebody remembers to bring the treats!

I hope tomorrow things will get back to normal. It's lucky we have three Mom days because of the holiday–I don't think I could stand not being able to run up and down the hallway chasing Olivia any longer than that! I may have to find something to bite on!


  1. My Mom always gives me hugs and kisses any chance she gets too. It must be a Mom thing. Maybe you could get under the plastic.


  2. Have you tried putting the bite on the plastic? It's just an idea. Mommy put plastic up in the attic where she wanted me to stay out. I put the bite on it and viola! I was able to get in :) What's goin' on over there?! Does it have ta do with buggies?

  3. Hi Merlin & Timmy,

    All this business was something about the floors again. I like that biting suggestion! I probably should have tried that, but I guess there were too many other things to keep me distracted. And even though I get embarrassed and all squirmy sometimes when Mom kisses me too much, I guess I do kinda like that after all! :-)


Wowee meowee.