Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Cat Tail.

Yesterday Olivia had a little accident when trying to sneak in and out of the catch-all room where we are never allowed without supervision. Mom herself was in and out many times, and one time she started to close the door and didn't notice that Olivia was in the way. Olivia's tail got caught in the door! meOWWWW! When she screamed, both Eddie and I came running, ready to help!

Even though she bites me a lot I was glad she wasn't really hurt. But I'm pretty sure she took advantage of Mom's feeling so awful about the whole thing by acting like a little princess for the rest of the day. Mom didn't even shoo her off the counter while she was getting dinner ready for us. Don't think I didn't see her getting a head start on the food!


  1. Hello Wm, oww it sounds like Olivia's tail was really squished. I hate that when that happens. I like to bite Merlin too so I know how Olivia feels. Olivia I hope you feel better. Take full advantage of your Mom's guilt. I always do.


  2. Yowzers! I got my tail caught in the door once too... it hurts and it's scary! I screamed really really loud! Then I turned around and looked at my tail to make sure it was still attached to my hiney. Mommy felt real bad just like yours did and I got lots of treats and pets and hugs. Maybe gettin' my tail caught in the door has it's advantages?


Wowee meowee.