Tuesday, January 25, 2005

It Was Like The World Was Coming To An End and We Needed To Squeal Real Loud.

Tonight my mom did something really really horrible and terrible to me and Olivia–she cut our toenails! We hate that! We both had to do our high-pitched and very loud troll squeals until she stopped. That took a long time, though, because she thought she'd trick us by doing one of my paws until I squealed, then one of Olivia's until she squealed, then one of mine again, then one of Olivia's again... Oh, we just hate it!

Olivia not only squealed a lot but actually bit Mom a lot, too. That's why Mom had to wear special gloves when she did this. Olivia likes to bite a lot in general, so imagine how trollish she gets when she gets a manicure! For a little baby, she's a GREAT BIG GIANT BABY. At least I never bite.

It's the torti in us, I think. Mom says we both have the troll gene and it's because Olivia is a torti and I'm half-torti. She also said the reason why Eddie doesn't have to have his toes done is because he knows how to behave and doesn't run all around the house SCRATCHING THE FINISH OFF THE FLOORS.

Like behavior is an excuse!

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  1. I'm so sorry you had to have your nails clipped. It can be really scary and I'm not quite sure why it has to happen at all. I say, scratch the furniture and floors but Mommy doesn't agree.

    Mommy does mine but she says I'm real good 'bout it. I get frustrated with her and whine with my mouth shut so it sounds like I'm humming a song. But the good part is that she says sorry afterwards and gives me a hoard of treats.


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