Monday, January 24, 2005

I Take Care of My Teeth Every Day.

My favorite thing to play with besides Olivia–a SmartyKat Super Scratcher–and a surprise treat from Mom–a plain old box–keep my teeth sparkly white and clean! (And Mom doesn't even mind the mess...well, not so much, anyway.)

Bite, bite, bite. Posted by Hello

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  1. Oh I LOVE cardboard! Isn't it like the bestest thing in the whole wide world aside from food and pets from our beans and sleepin in the sun and crunchy treats and...well the list goes on and on! I guess life is good for us poodies :) I like your teethywork on this DHL box William, it's real good! I did the same thing to a box here the other day. Then I scared Mommy by getting in it. She didn't know I was in there and when she went to move the box, she screamed. LOL!!


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