Sunday, January 23, 2005

I Was Pretty Good All Weekend.

I helped Mom repair the drain pipe I broke–we had all the right sized pieces this time. So there's not even a tiny threat of terrible bugs any more. Personally, I just don't get why Mom gets so puffed up about them. They are so fun to play with! And it's not like I'd eat one or anything.

I got to visit with Aunt M! I am pretty sure I am her very favorite out of all of us.

I lounged in a whole bunch of windows I don't usually get to sit in. I watched the birds in the trees in the backyard for a while, then I watched the front yard for a while, too, although there wasn't much to see. I didn't try to climb into the dryer and I didn't scatter the pile of fuzz Mom collects with the thing on a long stick. Then I watched something on that weird box that lights up and makes noise like there are humans actually inside it, although I had to snuggle extra with Mom because whatever it was seemed to make her make sounds like I do when I don't want to be held.

I even finished all my dinner and didn't act so finicky, two days in a row (beef and liver, mmmmm!). And now I need to warm up Mom's bed so it will be all toasty for her later–or at least in a William-size spot!


  1. What a good poodie you are! It's always good to be there watching the talking box with your Mommy when she makes funny noises. It is actually quite helpful!

  2. Dear William,
    This is your Aunt M. Make sure you tell Eddie and Olivia that I love them very very much. This next part you don't have to tell them--You are a very clever tiny boy and you are right. You are my favorite because I get such vicarious pleasure from your antics. You do need to practice being mischievous at times other than Monday through Friday just before your Mom is getting ready to go out to hunt. This is not a good time to be naughty.
    Lots of love always,
    Aunt M


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