Saturday, January 22, 2005

I Am Not Fooled.

Well, my mom has started to use a breadbox to hide the paper towels. I won't get to experiment on how to open it until I know she's gone out on a long hunt.

I turn my back on the breadbox.
I scorn the breadbox! 
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  1. Horrible! Terrible! If I were there, I'd scorn that breadbox too William!

  2. Hey W,MD, I suggest a sly application of claws along the bottom of the box. That is how I open the cabinets, but only when the beans aren't looking. Have you figured out the box with the little people in it yet? I haven't. The only time I was interested was when I heard cheetahs in there. Then I ran up to let them out, but I couldn't figure out how. ~Merlin


Wowee meowee.